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Our Mission

Investing in Our Neighborhoods

Because the PSB family is dedicated to our local communities, our franchise owners and corporate staff pledge to partner with schools, organizations, and groups that serve at-risk children and their families by running specific, targeted in-kind donation campaigns. We will connect those who want to give with those who need the most.

Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen the local communities in which Premium Service Brands (PSB) works by helping close the gap between kids who can afford everyday necessities such as food, school supplies, and clothing and those who can’t.

Our PSB franchise owners* and corporate team members support local schools, groups, and organizations by focusing on seasonal needs such as Summer meals and snacks, Fall facility improvements, and Winter coat drives. (and more!) Every child needs a boost to be their best – we give kids a lift.

*who chose to participate in the program

Our Core Values

Our core values come from the everyday values of our parent company, Premium Service Brands.
These define how we work, how we give, and how we invest in our communities.

  • Kids in classroom

    A Passion for Our Work

    Owners & partners of Premium Service Brands are dedicated to the work they do while giving back to their communities.

  • Team mentor with kids in class

    Youth Focused

    We believe that by investing in young people, we are investing in a brighter future.

  • Collaboration in the Office


    By creating pathways of partnership, we can channel an even-greater social impact than we could all do individually.

  • Unique Solutions

    Each community has its own unique challenges and we respect that there is no “one size fits all” approach to helping!

  • Smiling Kids with watermelon

    Treat All With Respect

    We honor our human dignity by empowering & collaborating with local stakeholders in each community.

  • Safe Guarding

    The well-being and safety of children is of crucial importance. Kids-Lift works within and respects existing structures designed to protect children.

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