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Weekend Backpack Meals

Our first program was dedicated to helping the kids in our hometown

In the United States, 12 million children are “food insecure” – this means they don’t have regular, consistent access to healthy, nutritious food necessary for an active life. Public schools help these kids by giving them free or reduced lunches and sometimes even breakfasts and dinners at school – however, these kids often go hungry on the weekends and when school isn’t in session. We committed to filling that gap for an elementary school just ten-minutes down the road from our head office. Our communities are important to us and we want to help ensure that every student has the support they need to succeed.

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Every week, we grocery shopped for the kids enrolled in our weekend meals program. Then, on Friday mornings, our office staff worked together to pack backpacks with a weekends’ worth of food. Every meal (plus snacks!) was provided for with special attention to what kind of food the kids are eating. All the meals were easy-to-make and with high nutritional values.

The kids didn’t just get a backpack full of healthy meals. What the kids got were weekends at home without the anxiety of wondering what they’re going to eat, the ability to study without distraction, and the opportunity to grow without limit.

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