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The COVID-19 pandemic dealt a blow to hundreds of children and their families that rely on school lunches to provide a healthy and diverse diet. When most of the schools in the United States transitioned to a virtual learning environment, many families were placed in an uncomfortable situation, unable to provide their children with the same diverse and healthy food options they would have received from the Free and Reduced Lunch Program. Kids-Lift worked to give food to the families who were most affected by the coronavirus and the shut down.

The NSLP is an essential program that not only reduces the economic stress for families unable to pay for lunches but also supplies kids with healthy meals that promote better learning and growth patterns. The inability to access these lunches threatens a child’s physical growth and can lead to a decrease in academic performance. A hungry child is an unfocused child…

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At the time of reintroducing in-person learning in 2021, many schools were still attempting to collect food resources to supply to their students before the winter break. Kids-Lift recognized the need for these essential resources and initiated a call to action to reduce the number of children affected by the growing concern of food insecurity.

In fall of 2021, Kids-Lift created our first major virtual food drive to help supply schools with food donations to help at-risk children and families across the country. In collaboration with generous Premium Service Brand owners, Kids-Lift established 9 active virtual food drives that partnered with local schools and food banks from around the country.

With help from dozens of charitable donors, in 3 months we raised over $27,000 worth of food donations and helped feed over 450 families during the holiday season!

At the conclusion of the drive, Kids-Lift recognized the large number of interested PSB owners willing to take the time to work towards improving their communities and supporting future generations with the capacity to grow with healthy bodies and minds.

If you have any questions or would like to collaborate on future projects, please send an email our Director of Communications at

*United States Department of Agriculture

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