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Winter Break Food Drive

Winter Break Food Drive

As part of our mission to bridge the achievement gap between kids from low and high socioeconomic families, we combine our creativity and our practicality to make the biggest difference. One easily overlooked factor that contributes to lower academic performance is food insecurity.

Food Insecurity: When households are uncertain of having, or unable to acquire, enough food to meet the needs of all their members.*

Over 20% of the nation’s kids live in food insecure homes. When you’re hungry, or anxious about where your next meal will come from, paying attention in class or finishing your homework is way harder to do. Kids deserve stability so that they can remain carefree kids – their only responsibility to do well in the classroom.

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Schools support these kids with free and reduced lunch (and often breakfast and dinner too!). But when the schools are closed, like they are during winter break, these kids and their families may face increased food insecurity.

That’s why Kids-Lift collaborates with Premium Service Brands partners to run shelf-stable donation drives all over the country. Working with national food banks, Kids-Lift provides a list of suggested foods and the partners run donation drives that encourage their communities to give back. This drive empowers neighbors and community members to support each other by giving a small but targeted donation.

This yearly donation drive is a creative approach to hunger--and a special way to support long-term academic achievement

*United States Department of Agriculture

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