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Kids holding hands and carrying backpacks
Closing the Gap

The Need

  • house icon 15 Million Homes

    in the US are “food insecure.” This means that in the past year, these homes have had trouble providing enough nutritious food for their families.

  • house icon 21% of All Children

    in the US live under the poverty line.

  • house icon 1-in-8 Children are at Risk for Hunger

    Which leads to social, health and developmental problems.

Boosting Kids to Success

By Closing the Achievement Gap and Supporting Communities

The “achievement gap” – a term used to refer to persistent disparities in academic performance between students of differing backgrounds – is a real and ongoing issue in our schools. The achievement gap caused by differences in socioeconomic status has stayed relatively large and unchanging over the past fifty years. This gap is often tied to future income disparities, making it even more crucial to find ways to bridge it.

In the last 50 years, there has been little-to-no progress in concretely ensuring that all kids from all backgrounds have the same opportunities to excel.

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Research suggests that once children enter school, the strength of the community and the quality of the school grows increasingly more important in their influence on academic achievement. The more supportive the neighborhood and the better the school, the more children
academically achieve.

That’s where we come in. Kids-Lift is creating supportive neighborhoods through giving back to the families, kids, and schools most-in-need.
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