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Kids-Lift is Expanding Our Food Drives to Further Support Our Communities

Premium Service Brands employees donating school supplies

“[Kids] are the greatest victims of the food-insecurity crisis. Research has shown long-term links between food insecurity and a wide variety of health issues in children — elevated risks of asthma and other chronic illnesses, lags in educational attainment. And according to a Brookings Institution researcher, the number of U.S. children in need of immediate food assistance is approximately 14 million.”

The above quote is pulled from a recent New York Times magazine photo article. “America at Hunger’s Edge,” written and photographed by Brenda Ann Kenneally, highlights something that is often ignored in America: hunger. During the recent shutdowns, sweeping pandemic, and economic hardship, Kenneally traveled all over the nation and photographed over 50 families for the piece.

Food insecurity in America has been a growing problem, one of the main reasons why the Kids-Lift exists. Food insecurity means that life is lived in fear of hunger, constantly wondering where their next meal will come from. Not only does this take a toll on a family’s physical health, but their mental health as well. There is a large psychological toll that is prevalent among these families and individuals all across The United States.

Since the COVID-19 shut down in early March, families in America that were once apart of ever-growing food insecurity have been pushed over the edge into hunger. The virus, shutdowns, and increasingly longer lines at local food banks have allowed more and more American’s deal with food insecurity and hunger. Kids-Lift was founded on closing the gap that has become even more apparent during the current global pandemic.

In order to continue the support we can give to our communities, we are proud to announce that Kids-Lift is expanding its operations to 12 cities this fall. Building off of the successful Virtual Food Drive that they launched in March and that fed over 200 families affected by the coronavirus shut down, Kids-Lift will expand their contact-free model that maximizes the way people can give to their local school districts and the kids most in need.

As the article made very clear, school is the #1 place where kids in food-insecure situations can get food. With uncertain circumstances and overloaded school districts, local Premium Service Brands business owners are stepping up to ease the burden and help families in these unprecedented times. You can learn and support the current food drive by clicking here.

You can see the full New York Times article and photos by clicking here. You can also read more about Brenda Ann Kenneally and her powerful experiences in effort to highlight food insecurity among American families by clicking here.