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Small Businesses Need to Share Their Consumers’ Values

A child with a yellow backpack stands next to the Kids Lift logo

Sociopolitical interests are spreading more and more into all facets of daily life as time goes on, fueled by the immediate and constant connectivity of social media and online news sources. How people shop, buy, and spend their money is no exception. Today’s consumers only want to give their hard-earned money to a company that seems to share their values. People are often willing to spend more, wait longer, or travel further for an identical product if it means that they don’t have to support a brand that goes against their beliefs.

What Should Businesses Do to Show Their Values?

One of the most effective ways a small business can show it holds positive core values and attract their customer base is through community involvement. Charitable work to support locals in need is a fantastic start that shows a brand’s awareness, authenticity, and care.

At Premium Service Brands, we have created Kids-Lift, a foundation that finds unique and creative ways to support local schools and schoolchildren. Each franchise member of one of our five cornerstone brands – 360˚ Painting, ProLift Garage Doors, Handyman Pro, Kitchen Wise, and Maid Right – can use Kids-Lift to connect with local schools and discover how they can help. Some organize backpack drives, others sponsor outings, and more still help provide lunches to children from families in financial need.

In a recent Harvard Business Review article about brands connecting with communities and sharing their core values, Premium Service Brands was highlighted for how we began Kids-Lift. In Charlottesville, Virginia, it became clear to our team that children in the area were struggling at school due to a lack of healthy food options, caused by financial adversity. To create the positive change we wanted to see in the world, we began regular food drives for a local elementary school. This seemingly-small effort eventually grew into Kids-Lift.

Support Yourself by Supporting Others

While Kids-Lift is obviously a boon for local communities by encouraging a positive learning environment for children from all walks of life, it is also a boon for our brands. Franchise owners can quickly and easily show their spirit to their communities through Kids-Lift. Our franchise owners can rapidly gain the trust of their local markets through charitable efforts with Kids-Lift. It really is a win-win that everyone can get behind!

Want to know more about Kids-Lift? Please take a moment to review our mission and our model. We would also like to hear from you if you are an entrepreneur looking for a new franchise opportunity backed by a trusted name like Premium Service Brands.

Several people stand before school supplies arranged on a desk for a charity drive